Scaper's Juice Eisen 24

10 ml (Item No.:80000)

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Eisen 24 is an iron complex fertilizer and contains not only iron that can be utilised by plants but also trace elements such as: manganese, copper, nickel, zinc, tin and iodine. A daily dose of Eisen 24 ensures strong and healthy plant growth, prevents deficiency symptoms and plant leaf deformation.

Iron fertilizer for intensely planted aquaria

  • daily nutrient combination for aquarium plants
  • rich in Mn, Mg, Zn, Ni and other trace elements
  • for luscious and healthy plant growth
  • supports photosynthesis
  • guards against nutritional deficiencies
  • prevents malformation of plant leaves
  • 10 ml for 10,000 l
  • 1 drop/50 l increases the iron content by 0.02 mg/l
  • optimum success in combination with Kalium 24 and N/P 24

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