pH-Elektroden Set Pro

(Item No.:80290)

Product details

Everything as it should be?

The correct pH value is crucial for a beautiful aquarium with healthy fish. This is because the acidity level determines the pH value of the water. You should therefore check the pH value regularly and, if necessary, adjust it to the respective needs of the inhabitants of your aquarium. An incorrect pH value means stress for the animals and can cause diseases. The Dupla glass electrodes are characterised by their especially high and reliable quality. The verified quality allows the most accurate measurements, which are also appreciated by laboratories. It also guarantees a long and trouble-free service life. Thanks to the BNC connection used, the glass electrode is compatible with all Dupla pH controllers as well as with almost all other commercially available pH controllers. The electrode comes with all liquids necessary for calibration included. Each of the high-quality glass electrodes is tested separately and receives an individual test certificate.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • easy to connect using BNC plugs and compatible with almost all common pH controllers
  • tested quality for the most accurate measurements
  • particularly durable and trouble-free operation
  • includes all liquids necessary for calibration
  • each electrode receives an individual test certificate

Note: The reference electrolyte (Dupla KCL solution) in the Dupla pH glass electrode is replaceable, which makes the electrode particularly durable and ensures the most accurate measurements. The pH electrodes are, however, generally subject to wear caused by aging. This wear is a consequence of exchange processes on the membrane of the electrode. Electrodes should therefore be replaced after approx. 2 years. The KCL solution contained in the protective cap serves to protect the electrode during transport. This solution may escape from the protective cap and form white crystals. The crystals can be easily removed with Dupla Dest and have no influence on the quality or measuring accuracy of the electrode.