Brushwood S

10 x 10 x 15 cm (Item No.:79024)

Product variants

Brushwood M

15 x 15 20 cm

Product details

These particularly unique shaped trees are ideal for creating extraordinary scapes in the freshwater aquarium. These handcrafted pieces are made from natural roots and make for a special eye-catcher in any aquarium. The Brushwoods can also be planted with perching plants such as anubias, bucephalandra or mosses such as Java moss, giving the whole aquarium an even more natural look.

Expert hint: Before placing the wood in an aquarium that has already been established, we recommend soaking the wood in water for a few days beforehand and changing the water regularly. This will reduce any "bleeding" of the roots and also ensure that the roots do not float up.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • natural wood decoration for fresh water aquaria
  • handmade individual pieces ideal for creating a very special aquascape
  • an eye-catcher in any aquarium
  • does not affect water quality or clarity
  • can be planted with perching plants and mosses

Frequently asked questions

Whitish coatings may form on natural woods. These coatings are caused by bacteria that feed on carbon compounds in the fresh roots. As soon as these carbon compounds are used up, the growth of the bacteria will reduce and the white coating will dissolve. The coating is completely safe for the aquarium and harmless for the animals and plants. Some animal species, such as shrimps and snails, like to graze on this bacterial coating, helping it to disappear more quickly.

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