Aquaria & Cabinets

Cubes & Cube Stands enable you to experience the fascination of aquaristics in a simple way and without much effort. The small biotope of this aquarium type provides years of enjoyment and exciting observation. The Cube, due to its size and modern technology, offers the ideal basic conditions for the appropriate care of fish and plants species. Dupla has been focused on the requirement of providing an optimal aquarium for over 30 years. At the latest after the introductory phase, the Cube represents its own small microcosm in which all living organisms live in a kind of dependency on each other. When the size of the aquarium in this closed control loop is in the right proportion to the size and variety of the cultivated organisms, plants and fish are able to develop splendidly in a permanently stable biological system with little maintenance effort. Keeping an aquarium is one of the most attractive, versatile and exciting hobbies of all. Immerse yourself in a small, fascinating underwater world and be enchanted by colourful fish, graceful shrimp and extraordinary plants.

Dupla Cube Set 80
Dupla Cube Set

Clear glass aquarium set

Cube Stand 80
Cube Stand 80

suitable for the Cube 80