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CO2 Diffusor Set, S, 26,5 cm (Item No.:80031)

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The Dupla CO2 Diffusor Set consists of a CO2 diffusor with sucker fixture, a CO2 bubble counter with sucker fixture, a safety valve and 1,5 meters of CO2 tube for the connection to your CO2 fitting.

A sufficient supply of CO2 in the aquarium is absolutely necessary for water plants, as CO2 delivers carbon dioxide, the most important nutrient for plants. Through the Dupla CO2 Diffuser, sufficient CO2 is released for aquariums up to 160 liters. Via the CO2 diffusion disk, CO2 is released in tiny little CO2 gas bubbles. These small CO2 bubbles diffuse in the aquarium thus guaranteeing an optimal assimilation by the plants. Please note that the diffusion disk, in order to function properly, needs a certain initial pressure from the accumulating CO2 bubbles; in the beginning, once-only, it will emit a larger quantity of CO2 into the aquarium. Wait and see this effect without increasing the bubble quantity, as otherwise you will have to reduce the blister quantity again afterwards. Check the CO2 content of the aquarium water with the help of a CO2 permanent test . Regulate the CO2 to fit your aquarium's demand by increasing or decreasing the CO2 bubble quantity.

Hint: At night, the CO2 level decreases due to the activity of microorganisms (such as filter bacteria), exhalation of fish and also plant respiration (plants need light to assimilate CO2 ). Therefore, CO2 addition is not necessary during the night. It can even lead to a critically high CO2 level in the aquarium if there are many fish or if microorganisms' activity is very high. Therefore we recommend the extension of a CO2 overnight shut-down Dupla CO2 Magnetic Valve which can be coupled with the timer of the lighting.


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