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Long-term soil fertilizer with repository effect for aquarium plants. Contains a unique combination of nutrients from valuable trace elements and ferrous natural soils Supports strong root development, prevents symptoms of deficiency and guarantees lush plant growth. Ideal for aquascapingIncl. 10 laterite balls.

Use: Mix the fertile soil with around one third of the gravel intended for the substrate and distribute evenly in the aquarium. Cover with the rest of the gravel. Press the laterite balls into the roots of the plants concerned as a focus fertilizer.

Long-term soil fertilizers are available in two packaging sizes:
3 kg is sufficient for the substrate of an aquarium up to 50 - 80 litres. Incl. 10 laterite balls.
5 kg for aquarium sizes up to 150 litres. Incl. 20 laterite balls.
9 kg for aquarium sizes up to 250 litres. Incl. 40 laterite balls.

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