Ocean Refill 200 SE

smart fill (Item No.:81568)

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Ocean Refill 200

Automatic refilling device

Product details

The Ocean Refill 200 SE is a modern sensor controlled automatic refilling device for aquaria with an electronic safety shut-off function. It has three optical sensors, one of which is a fail-safe sensor for overflow protection, to ensure reliable control of the water level in the aquarium or filter sump. The pump is also equipped with dry run protection. The maximum water level tolerance is 6 mm. The current status and any error messages are indicated by coloured LEDs on the optical sensor.

Product Benefits at a Glance.

∙ optimum water level regulation thanks to modern sensor technology
∙ three optical sensors in one device
∙ sensor for determining the water level
∙ integrated security sensor for overflow protection
∙ integrated dry run protection function on the pump
∙ high accuracy thanks to a water level tolerance of only 6 mm
∙ LED status and function display integrated into the optical sensor
∙ sensor easily attaches to the aquarium or in the filter sump using magnets
∙ magnetic mount suitable for glass up to 12 mm thick

Contents of Delivery:
* 1 x optical sensor with magnetic mount (glass up to 12mm thick)
* 1 x feed pump 200 l/h, 12 V, 3.5 W
* 1 x 2 m 6/9 mm feed hose
* 1 x hose bracket for fitting to aquaria
* 1 x return valve
* 1 x 12 V power supply unit 500 mA
* 1 x operating instructions

Technical Data
Power supply unit:
Input power 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.18 A
Output power 12 V ⎓ 500 mA
Feed pump:
Output: 200 l/h, 3.5 W, H max. 2 m

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