Perfect Clean Filter PC1

(Item No.:80530)

Product details

Crystal clear, clean water!

The Perfect Clean Filter is a powerful internal filter system for fresh and marine water aquaria as well as aquaterraria.Suitable for aquarium sizes 50 - 80 cm and 50 - 80 l. The internal filter has a large filter volume for mechanical and biological filtration of the aquarium water. After all, excretions from aquarium inhabitants as well as food and plant remains permanently pollute and decrease water quality. The Perfect Clean Filter removes these pollutants and dirt. The filter sucks in the aquarium water and cleans the polluted water through the individual filter stages. Waste products are first mechanically filtered and then biologically degraded in a second step. The large filter surface of the filter materials used provides the pollutant-degrading bacteria with an optimum habitat. With an adjustable filter capacity of 150 l/h - 1,050 l/h and the individually adjustable water outlet (with optional nozzle attachment), the filter can be optimally adapted to the respective needs of the inhabitants.Good water quality is vital for the cultivated animals and plants. The filter is therefore ready for use immediately and equipped with all the necessary filter media. Simply install the filter on the aquarium and plug in the mains plug. Ready! The Perfect Clean Filter is completely immersible. With a power consumption of only 11 Watt at 1,050 l/h, the Perfect Clean Filter is also particularly energy-efficient and effective.

Hint: To replace an existing filter with a new Perfect Clean Filter, we recommend first operating the filter parallel in the same aquarium for 2 weeks before removing the old filter. This ensures optimum colonisation of the new Perfect Clean Filter with cleaning bacteria and prevents dangerous ammonia and nitrite.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • Aquarium filter system with high energy-efficiency and powerful pump capacity
  • Offers optimum comfort, large filter volume and the best possible filter performance
  • Coordinated filter design, enables particularly effective pollutant degradation
  • Foam and zeolite activated carbon cartridge adapted to the shape of the housing for optimum water clarification
  • 360┬░ rotatable nozzle for excellent water movement
  • Adjustable filter capacity of approx. 150 - 1,050 l/h
  • Also suitable for use in Marine water aquaria and aquaterraria
  • Incl. 1.5 m mains cable

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