Dupla Ground colour Black Star

1 - 2 mm, 5 kg (Item No.:80810)

Product details

Coloured Gravel for Freshwater Aquaria

Dupla Ground Colour is the first choice when it comes to choosing the perfect substrate for your aquarium. All because selecting the right gravel is essential for the success of your aquarium. The substrate has to fulfil several tasks. It must offer plants a suitable substrate in which they can securely take root, and in doing so, be sufficiently anchored. Furthermore, it must have the right grain size to be able to transport essential nutrients to plant roots. A combination of Dupla Depot Mix active and Dupla Ground Colour creates the best conditions for strong and healthy plant growth. Using a substrate heater (i.e.: the Dupla Thermik Set) also requires you to use a gravel with the right grain size which will permit good heat / water circulation. But the right substrate is not just of great importance to plants. With its special grain size, the Dupla Ground Colour is gentle on the sensitive bartels of bottom feeders such as catfish and loach who eagerly comb the substrate for pieces of food. Gravel that is too sharp would injure the animal's sensitive barbels. Dupla Ground Colour is pH neutral, CO2 and medication-resistant, and totally free of pollutants. It's safe for all aquarium inhabitants!

Hint: You can get the right quantity of substrate by calculating the aquarium length
(cm) x width (cm) : 140. The result equals substrate amounting to a 5 cm deep layer. Example: Length 100 cm x width 40 cm: 140 = 28.6 kg

Use: Rinse Dupla Ground Colour with cold tap water to remove dust, etc. Depending on the vegetation, a layer thickness of 5 - 8 cm above the nutrient medium has been proven to be ideal.

Product benefits at a glance:

  • does not release pollutants into the water and is safe for all aquarium inhabitants
  • perfectly suitable for fish, invertebrates and plants
  • ideal structure creates an optimal floor climate and guarantees healthy root development
  • special grain size is gentle on the sensitive barbels of bottom-feeding fish
  • we recommend using it in combination with Dupla Depot Mix active for the best possible plant growth
  • pH neutral, CO2 and medication-resistant
  • tested quality: toxicity test: SNAS reg. no. 038 / S-025, test number: 16/08370
  • the coloured gravel meets the requirements of DIN EN 71, Part 3
  • before use, rinse with cold water to remove dust required for transport
  • only use at normal aquarium temperature

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