Dupla Scaping Cube 10

20 x 20 x 30 cm (Item No.:80890)

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Crystal clear...

With the Dupla Scaping Cubes, the fascination of aquaristics can be experienced in a new way and without great effort. The aquariums make it possible to make exciting observations in the small aquarium biotope for many years. The ultra-white glass used makes the colours of the animals and plants appear even more brilliant compared to conventional aquaria! The two smaller versions are ideal for keeping shrimps, snails and other invertebrates.
The Scaping Cube 80, on the other hand, already offers the ideal basic requirements for species-appropriate care of fish due to its size and volume.
But one thing applies equally to all Dupla Scaping Cubes... The aquariums can be transformed into unrivalled aquascapes using real plants and individual aquarium decorations. Simply let your creativity run wild.
Because the aquarium hobby is one of the most beautiful, versatile and exciting hobbies of all. Dive into a fascinating little underwater world and be inspired by a multitude of colourful fish, delicate shrimps and extraordinary plants.

Details of the Dupla Scaping Cubes:

Dupla Scaping Cube 10 Ultra-white glass aquarium with safety base and glass cover Dimensions: 20 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm Volume: 12 litres

Dupla Scaping Cube 30 Ultra-white glass aquarium with safety base and glass cover Dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm x 35 cm Volume: 31.5 litres

Dupla Scaping Cube 80 Ultra-white glass aquarium with safety base and glass cover Dimensions: 45 cm x 45 cm x 40 cm Volume: 81 litres

Dupla Scaping Cube 3 in 1 Set Set of 3 ultra-white glass aquaria incl. safety pads and glass covers consisting of: 1x Dupla Scaping Cube 10 1x Dupla Scaping Cube 30 1x Dupla Scaping Cube 80

__Optional accessories: __

• Internal filter The Perfect Clean internal filter PC1 has an adjustable filter capacity of approx. 150 - 1,050 l/h and ensures biologically sound and crystal-clear water. The filter chamber can be fitted with different filter materials as required.
• Control heater The Heat Up 50 control heater heats and regulates the water temperature to the perfect
feel-good temperature for aquarium pets. • Lighting
The Nano Lux LED lighting provides attractive lighting and supports optimum plant growth with a special light spectrum. Hint: If the aquarium is heavily planted or stocked with plants that require a lot of light, we recommend using a second Nano Lux Led 18 W lamp.
• Thermometer 6 cm long Thermometer for measuring the temperature in the aquarium.
• Water treatment Not all tap water is the same as aquarium water. The protective colloids contained in Gan protect the mucous membranes and gills of the fish by binding chlorine and heavy metals that may be present in tap water.
• Bacteria starter Bacter for starting and optimising nitrification in freshwater aquariums. Also supports the biological balance in the aquarium.
• Fertilisation system For lush and healthy plant growth, consisting of Plant and Plant 24. Plant fertiliser tablets serve as a basic fertiliser which can also be pressed directly onto the plant roots to boost growth. Plant 24 is used as a liquid daily fertiliser with essential iron and trace elements and is ideal for daily fertilisation.
• Dupla Cube brochure Valuable tips on setting up and maintaining the cubes.
Ground Colour & Nature
• Dupla Depot Mix active

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