Dupla Ground nature Black Discs

20 - 50 mm, 2 kg (Item No.:80942)

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Natural substrate for freshwater aquaria

Dupla Ground nature is the first port of call when it comes to choosing the perfect substrate for an aquarium.
After all, the right choice of gravel is the be-all and end-all when it comes to keeping an aquarium running successfully. The different grit sizes of Dupla Ground nature fulfil different functions in the aquarium, thereby contributing to good plant growth and creating a natural appearance in the aquarium that promotes natural behaviours in your fish. The substrate has multiple purposes. It must provide the plants with a suitable growing medium in which they can take root securely and find enough support. Furthermore, it must have the right grit size to be able to transport vital nutrients to the roots of the plants. A combination of Depot Mix active and Dupla Ground nature creates the best conditions for vigorous and healthy plant growth.
The use of a Bodenfluter (lit. "substrate aerator") such as a Dupla Thermik Set also requires that the gravel has the right grit size, which allows good heat/water circulation.
It is not only for plants, however, that having the right substrate is of great importance. With the coarser grades of Dupla Ground nature, you can create natural territorial boundaries for the fish in your aquarium and give your aquarium a more natural appearance. It is also ideal for aquascaping or for decorative purposes in all aquariums, as well as terrariums and paludariums.

Our tip: The correct amount of substrate is calculated by multiplying the aquarium length (cm) by the width (cm) and dividing it by 140. The result is the amount of substrate required for a 5cm thick layer.
For example: Length 100 cm x width 40 cm / 140 = 28.6kg

Application: Rinse Dupla Ground nature with cold tap water to remove dust, for example. A 5 - 8 cm layer on top of the growing medium, depending on the planting, has been found to be ideal.

The advantages of the product at a glance:

  • ideal structure creates an optimal soil climate and guarantees healthy root formation
  • the large grit sizes create territorial boundaries in your aquarium and thereby promote natural fish behaviour
  • different grit sizes contribute to a natural look in the aquarium
  • for best plant growth, we recommend a combination of Depot Mix active nutrient medium
  • rinse with cold water before use to remove dust caused by abrasion during transport
  • natural product, may contain traces of lime, test before use if necessary
  • ideal for aquascaping or decoration purposes

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